Clermont County Ohio Townships

Batavia Township is located in the heart of Clermont County with a population was 23,280 and located just east of Cincinnati.
Franklin Township
Franklin Township is home to multiple parks, great Fire and emergency medical services and approximately 4200 residents.
Goshen Township
Goshen Township is a growing community of 17,500 people – the 4th largest of the fourteen townships in Clermont County.
Jackson Township
Jackson Township’s history began in 1783 when the Peace of Paris ended the Revolutionary War.
Miami Township
A family-friendly community with a unique blend of residential & business areas combined with excellent parks & recreational facilities.
Monroe Township
Monroe Township is home to the birthplace of the 18th President of the United States - Ulysses S. Grant.
Ohio Township
Ohio Township is the smallest in Clermont County with a total area of 13.8 sq. miles, but with a population of 5,192.
Pierce Township
Founded in 1853, Pierce Township encompasses 23.5 square miles and has over 14,000 residents.
Stonelick Township
Stonelick Township was established in March of 1812 and was named for the creek that passes through it.
Tate Township
Tate Township has 46.9 square miles, a population of 9357, and is the only Tate Township in the state of Ohio.
Union Township
Union Township is the largest and most populous township in the county with about 46,500 residents.
Washington Township
Our mission is to model excellence in local government through accountability to the community.
Wayne Township
Wayne Township is located in the north eastern corner of Clermont County with a poulation of 4,885.
Williamsburg Township
With a population of around 5800, Williamsburg is proud of its rich historical past and promise of an exciting future.